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Article titles ending in "TWP" are specific to TimeWorksPlus, "TW" to TimeWorks

Why does finalizing look different?

  • Changes have been made to the finalization page. In addition to automating finalizing and acceptance of any pay period older than 2 prior pay periods, we have also improved the interface. Read more about it in Finalizing Pay Periods and Accepting Pay Periods.
Clock Article Pages
Frequently Needed TWP Topics
These topical pages contain all articles regarding the following topics:
Payroll Export and Mapping
Settings and scripting that facilitate transferring data to payroll.
Scripts and rules that dictate how overtime is handled.
Designation of holidays, setting holiday rules and scripting for holidays.
Clock Prompts
Configuring prompts for data collection at the clock or on the time card.
Pay Rates, Pay Items and Tips
Show wages on the time card based on hourly rates as well as adjusting rates and adding pay items to the time card.

TimeWorksPlus Support Topics

Accruals & Time Off

19 Articles
Articles on implementing accruals, scripting accruals, making manual changes and managing the TOR in the system.

Breaks & Meals

5 Articles
Processing rules related to breaks as well as scripting articles.

Clock Prompts

12 Articles
Configuring data collection at the clock or on the time card.

Emp Self Service (TWP)

5 Articles
The employee access point for viewing the time card, seeing their schedule and requesting time off.

Employee Setup

10 Articles
Adding employee data to TimeWorksPlus through bulk, manual or integrated methods.


9 Articles
Designation of holiday, setting holiday rules and scripting for holidays.

Manager Setup & Use

11 Articles
Configuring client and supervisor accounts in TimeWorksPlus


4 Articles
Upgrading a TimeWorks legacy account to TimeWorksPlus.

Mobile App - TimeWorksPlus Mobile

5 Articles
TimeWorksPlus Mobile is our mobile option for punch collection, selected manager functions and ESS


17 Articles
Includes articles on rules and scripts related to overtime.

Pay Rates, Pay Items & Tips

13 Articles
Using hourly rates to show wages on the time card as well as scripting related to adjusting rates and adding other pay items to the time cards.

Payroll Export & Mapping

13 Articles
Settings and scripting that facilitates transferring punches, pay types and labor codes to payroll.


16 Articles
Reporting options in TimeWorksPlus.

Scheduling (Basic) & Deviations

11 Articles
Use of TimeWorksPlus scheduling and noting deviations on the time card.

Scripting - Tutorials & Tips

26 Articles
General articles designed to teach scripting.

Shifts & Premiums

6 Articles
Using scripting to categorize hours worked on a shift.

Time Card & Approvals

19 Articles
CHANGE TO: Time Cards & Reports. Navigation and editing of the time card as well as explaining the reports available.

TimeWorksPlus Configuration

31 Articles
Learn more about some of the Processing Rules and scripts that used in TWP

General Partner Support Topics

API & Payroll Integrations

17 Articles
Will include integrations for HUB and TWP. However, may need to put more specific articles on troubleshooting HUB integration in their own topic.

Billing & Channel Support

4 Articles
Billing as well as tools available to you as a SwipeClock partner.

Site Management

16 Articles
Info on supporting your client including, changing names on an account, setting up demos and client switches.

Welcome to Support Center

8 Articles
Articles written about how to use Desk.com for both customers and Agents

Clock Topics


35 Articles
Hardware clock articles not specific to our Ethernet or analog clocks as well as VoiceClock articles

Clocks - Analog

10 Articles
Articles specifically about our dial-up Tranz 330/380 clocks that require an analog phone line

Clocks - Ethernet

21 Articles
Information specifically about our Z and Vx Flex clocks as well as the GT400 Hand Punch

Biometric Clock Features

13 Articles
Articles specifically on the biometric functionality of our Z33/34 and GT400 clocks.

Intelligent Clock Features

13 Articles
Learn more about our state-aware web based clock with break and transfer buttons as well as clock lockout.


19 Articles
Articles specific to TWTouch and TWTuff


11 Articles
CHANGE TO: WebClock, Mobile & Intelligent Clock. Articles on WebClock and the Mobile app. Will include Intelligent Clock articles in some cases.

TimeSimplicity Topics

TS - Scheduler

11 Articles
How-To articles on TimeSimplicity Scheduler Menu

TS - Setup

18 Articles
Using for TimeSimplicity config articles for partner. Not "How Tos" and not integration with TWP.

TS - Company Rules

10 Articles
How-To articles about setting up Company Rules/Features in TimeSimplicity

TS - Employee Portal

5 Articles
How-To articles about TimeSimplicity Employee Menu

TS - Manager Dashboard

3 Articles
How-To articles on functions in the Manager Dashboard

TimeWorks Topics

TimeWorks Config and Use

52 Articles
Articles on setup, features and functionality of our legacy system.

TW Scripting

44 Articles
Scripting articles specific to our legacy system, TimeWorks.

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